Industrial Water Softeners

21In industrial settings, Water Softeners work wonders. It is well known that hard water simply cannot be utilized for many processes such as metal finish rinses, cosmetics & pharmaceutical manufacturing, food & beverage production facilities and automotive component producers. In addition to softening the feed water source, there are many other product lines that must be commissioned to achieve truly filtered/purified product water. However, Industrial Water Softeners are arguably the most widely applicable of all water treatment equipment. The only upkeep required with Industrial Water Softeners is regular salt tank refills. Many industrial companies will purchase skids of softener salt, and routinely request a technician to fill up the brine tanks.

There are many makes and models of Industrial Water Softeners, and determining which is the best is truly a precise science. KS Water Treatment has over two decades of experience installing and commissioning Industrial Water Softeners, and from this standpoint, can offer useful industry advice. In our experience, among the best brands in the industry are Kinetico, Watts Water Technologies and Hydrotech. Each of these brands offers different advantages when compared against one another, and it takes an experienced service technician to determine which is ideal for any given set of circumstances.