Residential Water Softeners

Water Softeners are a crucial component of maintaining a clean, scum-free household environment. Hard water, in residential settings, can cause a plethora of problems such as staining, scum build-up and clogged pipes. Such issues require daily or weekly cleaning and scrubbing, significantly increasing time and monetary expenditure. Hard water, due to the presence of Calcium and Magnesium ions, is the cause of marks, stains and mineral deposits on glass shower doors, kitchen dishware, sinks, faucets, hot water heaters, cutlery, dishwashers, laundry machines and other household items that use or harbour water.

20Problems with the use of hard water:

  • Clothes come out looking roughed up and have a harsh texture
  • Hardness ions, such as Calcium and Magnesium, soil clothes and decrease the longevity of clothes by almost 50%
  • Hard water mixed with cleaning products such as soap causes a sticky, slimy feeling on the skin upon bathing/showering
  • Difficulty in properly cleaning one’s body during a shower
  • Filming and spotting of crockery, cutlery and glassware in the dishwasher
  • Increased cost of operation of any water-using fixtures such as appliances
  • Mineral clogging of water-bearing pipes in the home
  • Increased energy bills (up to 25%) due to mineral deposits at the base of water heaters

Residential Water Softeners efficaciously solve the aforementioned problems experienced by homeowners. Utilizing a high-efficiency cation ion-exchange method to replace dissolved Calcium, Magnesium & Iron ions with Sodium ions, Water Softeners are excellent, maintenance-free solutions to the various problems associated with hard water. The use of water softeners is quite prevalent among homeowners in somewhat rural areas.